Friday, September 30, 2011

rAndom Elaineness

My roomie in college used to say, “That was random with a capital A” whenever I did or said something…well, random.  I guess these things are random with a capital E because Elaine did them!

A couple of weeks ago Ben was sick and missed four days of work.  When he vacated his “spot” in the bed, Elaine seized the opportunity.  She crawled up there, covered herself with the blanket, grabbed the box of Nyquil, and started fake coughing. 

Elaine playing sick

I asked Elaine if she wanted cereal or eggs for breakfast.  She indicated eggs, so I asked, “hot or cold?”  She started hitting herself in the head.  Oh…she wants hard boiled eggs.  Yup – Daddy taught her that one.  She loves hard boiled eggs!

Side note: Do you know how hard it is to get a non-blurry picture of someone cracking an egg on their head?

Elaine recently discovered the “big girl” swings at the park.  It’s hard to get her home!

Elaine on the Big Girl Swing

Elaine got invited to her first birthday party – a princess party for Faith Jackey’s 5th birthday!  Here is Elaine doing princess crafts with Shastya Hyden and Faith.

Elaine attends Faith Jackey's Birthday party

Elaine attends Faith Jackey's Birthday party
She enjoyed the attention the comes from being the littlest kid.

Recently I printed off a dog matching game for Elaine.  We learned new words and pictures, and she matched all of them correctly the first time!  I was just a little surprised.

Elaine matching game

Elaine matching game

Elaine matching game

We paid a second visit to the Jackey’s to do some card making.  Faith and Shastya took over entertaining Elaine.  They had a “tea party” in the top of the swing set.  Shastya said, “Mrs. Hamilton – do you know how hard it was to get Elaine up there?”

Elaine, Faith, and Shastya

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