Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Little German Dress

Did you know I was born in England?  My dad was stationed there with the Air Force.  While overseas, my mom bought this little German dress.  She has saved it all these years (we won’t say how many), and she gave it to me for Elaine to wear.

Andrea under sink  Andrea under sink
This is me and my baby doll, Mary.  It’s the only picture I have of me wearing the dress.

The dress is wool, so it was too heavy for the summer.  When the weather turned last week, Elaine got her first opportunity to wear it. 

The little German dress

The little German dress

The little German dress  The little German dress

The little German dress

It’s really special to me that Elaine can wear some of the same things that I wore (it helps that our birthdays are only five days apart).  She also wore the same little red dress for her newborn portraits as I wore in my newborn picture!




  1. How precious she looks! Wow! What a lot of years have gone by, and yet, it does not seem so many days ago!


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