Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nolan’s First Manhattan Experience

Recently I won four tickets to the Brooklyn Cyclones (a minor league baseball team…but I suppose that you sports people out there already knew that).  The only catch was that they had to be picked up…in Manhattan…during business hours.  That pretty much excluded Ben and meant that I had to do the picking up!

img_0774Yes…Nolan is there.  You can barely see his hair!

With two kids, I knew that I couldn’t take the double stroller by myself on the train into Manhattan.  So I came up with this solution: pack Elaine in the umbrella stroller and “wear” Nolan in my Kozy Carrier.  I knew the subway steps would still be difficult.  And though we started out that way, we ended up with Nolan in the stroller and Elaine in the Kozy.  (By the way, someone asked me if Nolan was a boy or a girl…probably because the stroller is bright pink!)


Well we made it.  A couple of kind gentlemen did help me with the stroller a couple of times.  But for the most part I did it alone.  And yes, I did feel like Super Woman after I made it down the steps with a baby on my chest, a diaper bag over my shoulder, a stroller in one hand, and a toddler in the other hand.  I also discovered that going down is much easier than coming up!

I realized that it was Nolan’s first train trip, and first time in Manhattan!  We had a glimpse of Times Square from the office building.  We had lunch at McDonalds, and stopped by the fountain in Bryant Park. 

Elaine loved the fountain.  It was hard to get her to turn around for this picture…

…and she didn’t want to look at the camera, she wanted to look at the water!

…or play in the water!

Nolan spent his time in Manhattan like this:

And when we got home, he was still sleeping!

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