Friday, August 5, 2011

Laminating Crazy

I used my Mother’s Day gift money to purchase a laminator a couple of months ago.  It has come in handy many times, especially in the last few days.  With the addition of another baby and all of his “accessories”, I have been doing some major re-organizing and cleaning out.  Elaine’s closet and under-bed storage got a make over, and so did the changing table!  I used my laminator to make labels for everything.  I am so pleased with how things are now…a place for everything, and {sometimes} everything is in its place!

Right now the changing table is in the dining room so that I can take care of Nolan in the night without waking Elaine.  I have been wanting to organize my diapers into bins for some time, but I never got around to it.  I received the bins as a shower gift from one of the ladies at church.  They fit perfectly and now everything looks much neater!



I had intended to store Nolan’s clothes in the three bins on the bottom of the changing table.  When I was given the baby shower, I soon realized this would not work.  We were given so many adorable outfits, blankets, and other items!  I decided to make Nolan a “dresser” like Elaine’s.  Yesterday the bins finally arrived and everything was organized.  We have been so blessed!

I think it was to my mom that I said, “Boys aren’t as much fun because they don’t come with all of the cute dresses, outfits, and accessories.”  Was I ever wrong!  Do you know how many cute things they have for boys?  I’m having just as much fun…without the dresses and hair bows, of course!


I also labeled the boxes of clothes we have for Nolan in other sizes.  Everything matches the nursery – a Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter theme!

While I was “creating”, I made tags for the diaper bag.  It has Nolan’s name on one side, and cloth diaper instructions on the other side.  I also made one for Elaine’s little bag.


I blogged earlier about making Busy Bags and Tot Packs for Elaine before our road trip in June.  I found another blog with great ideas and we tackled one of them this week.  Elaine and I made a little book!  I just clipped pictures from old magazines into a 3” x 4” rectangle.  I glued two pictures back to back, and then laminated them.  Then we put all of the pages together with binder rings.  Elaine loves to carry it around and look at the pictures.  We selected pictures of items that she knows and recognizes.  She can say some of the words, and some of them are vocabulary projects.

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  1. They look great! I love the Beatrix Potter print. You must be getting some sleep now!


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