Monday, August 15, 2011

She Left Me…

On Friday we received word that a good friend, Howard Long, had gone to be with Jesus.  Ben was especially close to the Long’s, and he wanted to be present at the funeral.  We started planning his trip to Denver.

My dad offered to fly me home as well, so that both grandkids could come for a visit.  (He hasn’t met Nolan yet).  After exploring flight schedules, prices, and everything involved in taking two kids (both under two years old) on an airplane, we decided that I should stay home.  I was okay with that…I didn’t want to come back exhausted and behind schedule, though I would have liked to rejoice and cry with Mrs. Long in person.

When I called Dad (my dad) to give him the plan, he asked, “Any chance Ben can pack Elaine in his carry-on luggage?”  Ben had also thought of this possibility, but he didn’t think I would agree.  On the contrary, I was okay with letting her go.  I thought she would have a good time with Daddy, Grandma & Grandpa.  I knew she wouldn’t have a good time on the 8+ hour trek through airplanes and concourses.

So bright and early this morning we packed our little family into the car and headed to Newark, NJ.  Elaine was excited to help pull the suitcase.  We weighed her on the luggage scale and she liked that.  (The doctor should be pleased to learn that Elaine has gained two pounds!). 



But when it came time to go through security…without Mommy…and seeing Nolan sitting in her stroller…Elaine wasn’t quite so compliant.


I got two kisses, a wave (she doesn’t do that often), and a cry.  I felt loved, needed, and appreciated.  And though Ben is very good to let me know I am appreciated on a daily basis, I think he may come home with a new understanding of what it means to be a stay-at-home mom.

Until Wednesday my house is quiet, clean, empty, and did I mention quiet?  There is something, or rather someone missing.  Two of them.  I can’t wait to have Ben and Elaine home again. 

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  1. My house is quite full of action and chattering! Elaine did great all evening and through dinner! But she does not care for Gypsy...not even a little bit!


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