Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday – It’s a Boy!

We are praising the LORD for a healthy new addition to our family…and he is a BOY! 

IMG_0284 Mommy, Daddy, and
Nolan Obadiah



After laboring through through the night, Ben and I took a cab to the hospital.  We were concerned about parking, and the cab had been recommended.  Our driver went through a red light, and we were subsequently stopped by the police.  They let us continue on when they saw I was in labor.  I have never driven so fast through Brooklyn, or gone through so many red lights!

The midwife on call was the one midwife in my practice that I had not met yet, but she was so nice!  I tried to walk and labor some more for an hour before being admitted to a room and receiving an epidural.  I was exhausted and the medication allowed me to sleep…finally!

There was some trouble with the baby’s heart rate around 8:30 a.m.  I was concerned that we would have a repeat of my labor with Elaine, and that it would end in a C-section.  The nurse went to track down my midwife.  I was starting to feel the epidural wear off, and I was concerned that I had been forgotten when I saw neither one of them for over an hour.

When they returned, we were all surprised to discover that the baby was ready to be delivered!  As the room flew into action, my midwife was temporarily called away.  She came back and announced that she had delivered a baby…in triage!

The Lord granted my prayer for a natural delivery.  After 15 minutes of pushing, Nolan Obadiah arrived at 10:38 this morning.  The cord was short, and it was wrapped tightly around his neck.  After having his nasal passages sucked out, he was crying healthily in no time! 


Midwife Jeniffer Billington delivered Nolan!

We are still awaiting a postpartum room, and more stats on Nolan.  Thank you for praying for us and rejoicing with us!


  1. Aw, congratulations!! Having one of each is so much fun!
    I just realized that I saw your 40 week update this morning, probably close to the time you were delivering. I prayed for you, thinking you still had awhile in labor (I didn't notice the date on the post), but you were probably ready to give birth! I'm so glad you got your natural birth, too. :)

  2. praise the Lord! enjoy bonding with you new precious family member!

  3. Ben, Andrea & Elaine!
    Congrats on baby Nolan. I was going to comment of fbk but then read all the stats on your blog (which I love by the way!). Congrats again on the new addition!



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