Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Well…I made it.  1,362 miles to Kenny’s wedding in North Carolina.  310 miles to Meredith’s graduation in Massachusetts.  And no baby yet!  I am now just two weeks away from my due date, and ever so ready to have this baby!  (More pictures of those two events to come, BTW).

Though my pregnancy has been easy compared to many, it has been more difficult than my pregnancy with Elaine.  Most of the difference is likely that I now have an 18 month old to chase after.  And I live in Broolyn and rely on my feet to take me to most destinations.  And I live on the third floor.

The past month I have had several discomforts, including back pain that sent me to a pre-natal chiropractor three times in one week!  The baby dropped about a month ago, and this has caused a lot of discomfort when I walk and move around.

Ben has been so good to take care of me.  He does the dishes a lot, and always reminds me to take a nap.  I am usually independent and self-sufficient, but I find myself leaving the hard tasks for him to do when he gets home from work.  Like pulling the clothes in off the clothesline. 

I had a tour of the hospital last night.  I will be delivering at Maimonides Medical Center.  It is a Jewish hospital in our area, and it the #1 hospital for labor & delivery in the state of New York – over 7,000 births per year!  Many things are not the same as at Virginia Beach General Hospital where Elaine was born.  There are no private rooms.  Ben is not allowed to stay the night (in post-pardum).  All male visitors must leave by 9:30 p.m.  And sadly, there are no visitors under age 13 allowed – not even siblings.  This will be rough on Eliane!

My midwife is pleased with everything.  The baby is in a very good position, measuring well, and has a strong heartbeat.  They are not concerned about my previous c-section, and it is expected that I will be able to give birth naturally this time. 

So…the hospital bags are packed.  The babysitters are arranged.  The newborn diapers are laid out.  All that is missing is a baby!  Stay tuned…he/she will be here soon (I hope!)

I must end on a sad note: there will be no Wordless Wednesday post/picture  tomorrow.  My camera came to an untimely end on Sunday.  It has been giving me hints of its demise for some time now.  Until I get a replacement (soon, hopefully, so I can capture the new baby) you’ll just have to be patient with me!

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