Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cooling Off in the Hot Weather: Elaine was in the Brooklyn Paper!

Here in NYC many of the parks have sprinklers and water parks for the kids to play in during the hot summer months.  Elaine didn’t like them last year, but she wasn’t walking yet so it wasn’t as much fun.  We hit the high 90s yesterday, so Elaine and I headed to McKinley Park to play in the water.

Elaine l.o.v.e.d it!  She wouldn’t come out of the water!  Once the other kids (who were a little chicken) saw how much fun Elaine was having, they joined in the fun too!

Elaine in the water sprinkler at McKinley Park  Elaine in the water sprinkler at McKinley Park

Elaine in the water sprinkler at McKinley Park

While we were playing, a photographer from the New York Post came to shoot some pics of how kids were keeping cool in the hot weather.  It was for our local Brooklyn Paper to be published today.  Here is a link to the online paper.  And here are the pictures…


Elaine in Brooklyn Paper
This is the online version of the paper.  The printed copies will be available tomorrow!  Below I blew up the pictures and text.

Elaine in Brooklyn Paper

Of course you all know her name is Elaine, and not Dlaine!

Elaine in Brooklyn Paper

And for the grandparents…a little video.  It’s been a while since I posted one!

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