Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father’s Day

After the long weekend working at the church, we were pretty exhausted on Father’s Day.  Elaine gave Daddy her card and present before church.  I made French Toast for breakfast. 

Father's Day 2011

Father's Day 2011Showing off her artwork to Daddy. She was so excited to color in his card!

Father's Day 2011We gave Ben a baseball t-shirt.

At our church, it is a Father’s Day tradition for the men to wear a Filipino barong.  Ben was excited this year when Chito gave him a barong to wear!


I thought it was funny when Faith Jackey (who is 4) walked up to one of the men and said, “Hey – my dad is wearing that shirt today!”

Father's Day 2011My two favorite people all dressed up!

After church we came home for a nice long nap.  Seriously…I think we all slept soundly for four hours!  Then we grabbed a McDonalds and headed for Brooklyn Bridge Park.  We arrived around sunset, and the view was spectacular!

Father's Day 2011The Manhattan Bridge

Father's Day 2011The Manhattan skyline

Father's Day 2011Elaine wanted to throw rocks into the water, so Ben was helping her.

Father's Day 2011The Brooklyn Bridge

Father's Day 2011Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge

Father's Day 2011Elaine and Daddy taking in the view.  Can you see the Empire State Building under the bridge?

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