Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rough Night?

I really think Elaine is teething, or starting to.  I know I mentioned it before, and then the doctor said she didn’t think that was the case.  But I do…still…now…whatever.  She has started waking up in the night again, even with a late night dreamfeed.  Since last night was Wednesday and we had church, she went to bed at a later-than-normal time.  So she awoke at a later-than-normal time in the wee hours.  Like at 4 a.m. instead of 2 a.m. 

I heard Elaine crying and went in to get her.  She had worked herself up so much that instead of lying in the crib lengthwise, she had turned 90 degrees to be sideways.  And she had completely unswaddled and covered her face with her blanket, and she was trying desperately to move it.

When I aroused after 8 a.m. (a rare treat), I went to check on Elaine.  This is what I found.  She was dead to the world, sleeping with her mouth open. 


So Elaine had a little bit of a rough night last night.  It threw off her whole day – nap times, eating schedule, and normally-pleasant disposition.  In fact they had to come and get me during my Bible Study because she started crying and screaming uncontrollably.  (I did feel a little surge of pride when the lady commented, “I told them we needed to get you because this child has never cried like this before!”).  At least she is usually well behaved! 

But Ben also had a rough night.  I committed the almost-unpardonable sin of homemaking…I ran out of tomato soup!  There are a few things that Ben likes me to have on hand.  Tuna, for variety in his lunch when he feels like it, Ritz crackers because he eats them on just about anything, and tomato soup because he really doesn’t eat any other kind of soup.  We were supposed to have pancakes, but that is the meal that Ben cooks (because…well – I confess.  I can’t make good pancakes.  Just ask Ben).  Since he had a long day, I switched meals for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  And when I went to the cupboard…gasp!  No tomato soup.  Ben sort-of forgave me when I found a can of broccoli cheddar, and when I reminded him that we are on a budget.

That's it for the Hamilton's.  Hope everyone else out there has a better night.  (We didn’t really have such a bad night…just a little bumpy).

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  1. Such a sweet picture of Elaine conked to the world. Made Grandma just want to kiss her!!


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