Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Mom-Inflicted Boo-boo

Okay.  I’m a klutz.  I know it.  But this one is pretty bad.  I was trying to clip Elaine’s nails.  I always put it off, because I don’t like doing it and she doesn’t like having it done.  But her nails were long.  Ben said, “You’re playing with fire.”  But I persisted.  I was down to the last nail…and I missed.  I clipped her finger instead.  It was bleeding.  She was crying. I felt terrible!  I had to put a band-aid on her thumb, but she seems to be okay now.  However, last night as she was crying herself to sleep, she was obviously very upset.  I went in to find blood spots dotting the sheet on the side where her hand would have been flailing.  Ben jokingly said that she cried so hard her blood pressure rose, and popped out her finger.  Poor baby.



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