Thursday, November 5, 2009

The time has come

Well, it’s here.  My other due date, and the contractions.  I started contracting during the night.  The contractions were light and irregular.  Now they are getting stronger.  They persist when I walk or move around.  They are closer to about ten minutes apart, but still irregular.

We were able to get Mom on a 12:45 mountain time flight from Denver to Norfolk.  She arrives on the East Coast around 9 pm.  Ben is at work, but he is calling me frequently to check on the progress.  He really wants to come home!  He had a light schedule and should finish around 4:30, but he might come home before then, depending on what happens.

I finished the laundry and a craft project this morning.  Then I vacuumed and emptied the trash.  I made sure the baby’s room was ready and moved the hospital bags to the front door.  I didn’t know if I would go into labor before induction day, and here I am in labor on my due date!

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  1. Hey Andrea,

    I came to see if you'd had your precious bundle yet. I'll be praying for you. I'm sure your all sooooo excited. When the contractions get harder, just remember with each one that that is one less contraction you'll have and that it's bringing you closer to meeting your precious baby. I can hardly wait to see pictures! :)
    Emily DeCosta


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