Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Elaine…One Week Old Today

Here are more pictures of Elaine.  She is one week old today.  Grandpa Godby arrived at 4 a.m. today.  He flew into Raleigh Durham and drove through our coastal storm and flooding in order to get here.  He hasn’t wanted to relinquish Elaine since arrival!

Grampa and Grandma Hamilton, Uncle Evan, & Auntie Meredith left at noon today for New England.  They wanted to avoid some of the bad weather and Meredith is getting sick so they opted to leave early.  We had a photo shoot before they left!

Elaine Day 5 
It’s so much fun to have a baby girl!

Elaine Day 5 with Evan
Uncle Evan finally finally got to hold Elaine!

Elaine Day 5 with Evan, Meredith, & Daddy
Auntie Meredith, Daddy, Elaine, and Uncle Evan

Elaine Day 5
Look at that beautiful smile!

Elaine Day 6
Lucky girl got to sleep in with Mommy.  She was out!

Elaine Day 6 bathtime with Grandma Godby
Elaine loves to get her hair washed.  This was bath time with Grandma Godby.

Elaine Day 7
Look at her little bow.  Purple is Mommy’s favorite color!

Elaine Day 7 The Hamilton family
The Hamilton Family – Jim, Andrea, Ben, Elaine, Sissy, Meredith, and Evan.

Elaine Day 7 with Daddy, Grampa & Grandma Hamilton
A nice generational photo – Grampa & Grandma Hamilton, Ben, and Elaine

Elaine Day 7 with Grandma Hamilton
It’s okay Grandma, I’ll see you in January!

Elaine Day 7 wtih Grandparents
The proud new Grandparents – Wally & Sherry with Jim & Sissy

Elaine Day 7 with Grandpa Godby
Elaine loves to nap on Grandpa Godby’s chest just like her Mommy did at this age!

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  1. I am so happy for you guys. A beautiful girl...Love the pics!


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