Friday, November 13, 2009

Check out some video of our coastal storm!

Virginia Beach, along with much of the Atlantic Coast, is under assault by a coastal storm.  The water levels rival those of Hurricane Isabel in 2003.  According to the Weather Channel, the difference between a coastal storm and a hurricane is that a hurricane follows a path, while a coastal storm is more unpredictable. 
My parents are staying in a beachfront hotel.  The lobby carpet is “squishy” and many rooms have sprung leaks.  Mom & Dad had to try a couple of different routes in an attempt to get back to their hotel last night.  The main drag, Laskin Rd., was closed due to flooding.  The Christmas lights which had been set up along the boardwalk for the holidays have all been knocked down and blown over.  It’s pretty amazing!  Ben & I went with Dad to check into his hotel, and we took these videos of the surf and storm.

This is the view from the 6th floor of the hotel.  The concrete you see is the boardwalk.  The beach is usually 150 feet from the boardwalk, but here the surf swirled up to, and in some cases over, the boardwalk.

A view of the sea foam and sand that has washed over the boardwalk in areas.


This is foam about two feet deep, which washed over the boardwalk and out into the street.  It was amazing!

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