Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today is the day.  Due Date.  Actually I’ve been told both the 4th and the 5th as a due date, but the Doctor considers me to be 40 weeks today.  And…nothing is happening! 

I am scheduled to be induced on November 11th.  Today I had to have a Non-Stress Test in preparation for the induction.  Basically, they just hook me up to a fetal monitor for about 20 minutes to monitor the baby’s heartbeat & movements.  It also graphs my contractions.

This baby is already showing a stubborn streak – first by arriving late, and this morning by not moving at all during the time I was hooked up to the monitor.  As a result, the doctor asked me to come back for a second test a couple of hours later.  The test results were much better this time, and even showed a few little contractions.  I’m still hoping to go into labor before the induction. 

Here is a 40 weeks pregnant picture – not the best since I took it myself on the timer.


Yesterday I was out running some errands and a couple people ventured to ask me when I was due.  When I replied, “Tomorrow” they looked at me in shock because my belly doesn’t stick out very much.  It’s probably just because I don’t like my shirts to be skin tight!


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