Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Clothes for Elaine

Elaine Week 2 First Package from Grandma & Grandpa HamiltonWe have been so blessed with baby gifts – both from the shower, and recently that people have mailed to us.  Today Elaine received her first package in the mail addressed to her – it was from Grandma & Grampa Hamilton.  Here’s what she got:

Elaine Week 2 First Package from Grandma & Grandpa Hamilton

Elaine looks like she’s unsure of what’s going on…it’s mostly that it is hard to prop her up in the boppy, so that’s as close to sitting up as she gets!

Look at all the dresses!  There is one newborn dress (with the big flowers on it in the front), and three 0-3 months dresses, a onesie, and some pants.  I have had such a hard time finding pretty dresses in the little sizes!  These, along with the fancy holiday dress & Mommy’s baby dresses that Grandma Godby brought, will definitely get us through the winter!

Additionally, one of Ben’s co-workers gave us a bag filled with little newborn outfits and a snowsuit (which will be put to good use when we go to Colorado for Christmas and New England in January).  Mrs. Margie Gowler from my church in Colorado sent a box full of sleepers, outfits, and a dress that are 3-6 months – a special blessing since I don’t have anything in that size yet!  Some ladies at church have given us hand-me-downs and clearance buys also.  God is taking care of us and meeting our needs…even the frilly ones!

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  1. I am making my clients look at Elaine on your blog before we do any business. :)

    Dad/Grampa Hamilton

    ps.Isn't my granddaughter gorgeous!


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