Monday, November 9, 2009

My Precious Elaine

Here are some more precious pictures of Elaine’s first days.  I can’t stop looking at her, and enjoy everything about her…except the nights!  We’re still working on figuring out nights and days and feeding and sleeping times.  Hopefully Daddy will get some sleep tonight, because he has to go back to work tomorrow!

Elaine Day 2
My bath in the hospital nursery was a hair-raising experience!

Elaine Day 2 with Mommy & Daddy
The Hamilton Family – Daddy, Elaine, & Mommy

Elaine Day 2
Precious Elaine

Elaine Day 2
Her eyes are so big!

Elaine Day 2
Shhhhh sweet Elaine, don’t cry!

Elaine Day 3
The Hamilton's arrive home!

Elaine Day 4 First Bath at Home
My first sponge bath at home.  It was miserable until Mommy washed my hair!

Elaine Day 4 First Bath at Home
Then it was miserable again!

Elaine Day 4 My First Purse 
Elaine was inducted into a very special club – the purse club!  Mrs. JoAnne Neiner (the wife of Ben’s pastor in Massachusetts), sent Elaine her very first purse.  She already looks happy to have it!

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