Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun in the Sun and Some Other Stuff…

Some recent events:

  • I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time at my last prenatal appointment.  That was cool!
  • Kenny & Wesley came to visit.  We played at the beach and the mall.  Scroll down to see some pics.
  • I got 12 packages of Kraft shredded cheese for $4.  Now we’re stocked up for a while.  (You probably didn’t want to know that).

Some upcoming events:

  • I have another prenatal appointment and the 20 week ultrasound in June.
  • The semi-annual sale starts at Bath & Body Works on June 1st.  Hurry in to get your bargains before they’re gone!  (This also means that I am working about 25 hours next week instead of my usual 8-10 hours).
  • I am working as an election official for the Democratic Primary in Virginia’s gubernatorial race.  It will be a long boring day because it is such a little election!  It’s called a Democratic Primary, but since state officials don’t run based on party in Virginia, none of the candidates are declared Democrats.  They’re just candidates.  Go figure. 
  • I am going to visit my parents from June 16-24.  My main objective is to fix Mom & Dad’s computer, but I am also going to enjoy being there for Father’s Day.  Mom and I have lots of scrapbooking and rubber stamping planned as well! Hopefully Ben will still be alive when I come home. 
  • We are moving on July 10th.


We made a sandcastle.  Not bad for no shovels or buckets, huh?  Here is Kenny &  Wesley.















They tried to use our Chick-fil-A cups to fill the moat, but the water just soaked into the sand faster than they could fill it.



It took a long time to convince Wesley and Kenny to get into the water because it was still a little chilly.  Once they were in, they were fine.  Then we laid out in the sun for a while.  I was smart and used sunscreen…the boys ended up with sunburns instead of tans!

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