Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Pram has Arrived

My dad got orders to England with the Air Force just when they knew I was on the way.  When he arrived in England ahead of Mom, he purchased two things – a Sheltie puppy, and a baby pram.  When we announced that we are expecting, he pulled the pram out of the attic and began restoring it.  When we met in NC for the graduation, he gave it to us. 


He had it re-upholstered, added the cover over the baby’s legs in case of rain, and ordered new rubber wheels from the Netherlands.  The rubbers are still on their way.  Here is a picture of the pram.  We are planning to use it as our “bassinette” when baby first comes home.




Ben started work on the crib while we were in NC.  He has all of the pieces cut out, but the spindles need routed and sanded, and then everything has to be put together and finished.  Here is the stack of wood in our living room.  It is maple and handmade, so it will be sturdy and strong.  Someone in our church gave us their crib mattress when their daughter moved into a bed, so we are all set!



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