Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We Finished First Grade!!!

Elaine has been pulling double duty in her school work lately so that we could finish before the next big deputation trip.  Her goal was to be done by May 31st.  Mommy & Daddy interrupted her plan a few times for house hunting and fun days, so she finished a day late.  Today she did six phonics lessons!!!  I’m so proud of her, and how she’s been doing.  She is a straight A student, and she read the Bible passage nearly without help for family devotions last night!  Congratulations Elaine – my second grader!!!

Elaine Last Day of 1st Grade
She finished!

First day of school 2015
Flashback to our first day of school this school year!

Elaine last spelling test of 1st Grade  Elaine last spelling test of 1st Grade
Taking her last spelling test – aced it!

Elaine's 1st Grade Evaluation
Evaluation for the state grade report – thanks Christine!

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