Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pirate’s Cove

As a reward for finishing First Grade ahead of schedule, despite deputation, we promised Elaine a trip to a water park.  There is one near my parents called “Pirate’s Cove.”  It ended up being very busy…Denver schools get out earlier than NYC!  We also had to leave a little early because of a lightning strike in the area.  But we still had a great time, and the kids loved that the pool was just their size (depth wise).  Uncle Wesley didn’t have much work for that day, so he joined us too!  (A pleasant surprise, and I became glad for another pair of adult eyes!).

Pirates Cove Water Park
These two stuck close together all day!  Elaine is enjoying the water now that she can swim a little, and Libs has been a true water baby from the start!

Pirate's Cove Water Park   Pirate's Cove Water Park
Nehemiah prefered the splash pad and stayed out of the pool and pirate ship.  Henry was chill about the whole thing and seemed to enjoy the water – another water baby?!?

Pirate's Cove Water Park  Pirates Cove Water Park
Daddy and the three brave ones; Nolan did a great job keeping up with Elaine!

Pirate's Cove Water Park
Snack break!

Pirates Cove Water Park
Swimming together

Pirates Cove Water Park
Elaine on the slide

Pirates Cove Water Park
Here comes Nolan!

Pirates Cove Water Park
And Libs!

Pirates Cove Water Park
Nehemiah stayed in the splash pool!

Pirates Cove Water Park
Uncle Wes and the twins!

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