Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sticker Charts

Sticker Charts have been pretty effective for us.  What is it about stickers that motivates kiddos?

When we first got back to Mountainville in April I noticed a whole lot of bickering and unkindness, especially between the two bigs (and they share a room!).  I had downloaded some potty training sticker charts, but I printed them out as “Kindness Charts”.  At first they were allowed to point out their kind deeds to me.  Once I got in the habit of looking for kindness, they had to wait for Mom to notice.  There was a sticker for each kind, thoughtful, and selfless deed.  Like making the other person’s side of the bed, or helping with their chores, or sharing a toy.  It really helped!  I have noticed a major improvement in the attitude of kind thinking toward others! 

The reward was picking their own treat, up to $5, at the store.  Of course, they all opted for candy!  I was even excited to see them sharing candy, and with Nehemiah who hadn’t earned any of his own yet!

Liberty's Candy  Nolan's Kindness Candy

Liberty and Nehemiah are in the #2 phase of potty training.  Liberty caught on and figured out how to use it to her advantage, managing to squeeze out a tiny poop at each toileting!  It’s hilarious to me to see a princess sticker chart covered in Star Wars stickers, and Darth Vader and Storm Troopers are definite favorites!

Proud girl!  She still asks for stickers and and candy at each potty success!

Elaine finished her chart first.  Nehemiah and Liberty finished at the same time.  Nehemiah…is still on square number five.  I might see diapers again in his near future!

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