Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Grandparents & Great-Grandparents

One of the highlights of coming out west on deputation is getting to see my grandparents.  They are getting up there in age…Grandpa turned 90 in February!  They faithfully pray for us and support us, and I know they enjoy seeing some of their 16 great-grands!  We enjoyed having them for dinner and sitting around on the patio!

Time with Great Grandpa Paul
Henry & Grandpa

Time with Great Grandpa Paul
Elaine did some reading to both of my grandparents!

VonHamilton Family Singers
We practiced a song we are hoping to incorporate into our deputation meetings.  They sang pretty good…but we need to work on body language!

While we were in town my parents had a BBQ to say “thanks” to all the guys who helped them move in, move the shed, and lay flagstone for the new patio.  My dad has a smoker and enjoys sharing his creations.  He makes the best short ribs ever!  (With help from Mom of course!).  While Wes was cutting wood pieces for the fire pit, he discovered some baby bunnies.  The kids enjoyed them for the evening before they were relocated – away from Mom’s garden!

Baby Bunnies   Baby Bunnies
These three were not napping, but Nehemiah was a good boy and was sleeping.  He enjoyed the bunnies later.

Baby Bunnies
Nolan named his bunny Scratcher because “he’s a good scratcher.”

Grandpa's Ribs
Dad’s ribs.  Best part of coming to visit!  (Or one of them….)

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