Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Henry–9 & 10 months

Henry’s Milestones from 9 & 10 months…

9 Months:

  • Visit to the 9/11 Museum & Memorial, walked (or was strolled) across the Brooklyn Bridge, and enjoyed a Grimaldi’s pizza crust.  The Brooklyn Pizza crust finally got him to start eating food!
  • He loved to play with the Cinderella castle and explore the bathroom every chance he could get.
  • Favorite food – Veggies Straws!
  • Says da-da-da-da

Grimaldi's Pizza

Henry in the Cupboard


10 Months:

  • Acquires top teeth
  • Stands unassisted
  • Loves apples and sweet potatoes, but dirt, rocks, pine cones, and bugs more.
  • Loves tickles and playing patty-cakes with his siblings.
  • If we discover him missing, he can always be found under the bed or unplugging the night lights.
  • Wears his first little suit to church
  • Enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches just like the rest of his siblings1
  • Took his first steps on June 23rd.

Tickleish Henry

Bath Time

Feeding the Giraffes at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Henry in Sunglasses

Henry's First Suit

Hnery 10 month pictures

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