Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Polo Club

The kids needed to run off some energy, so upon arrival at the Polo Club we took a walk through the community.  We enjoyed the warm Colorado weather, the beautiful landscape, and searching for the ducks. 


The babies laid in the grass.  Nolan got as close to the pond as possible without getting wet.  But then he did get wet – he dipped his feet in the water.  At least he didn’t fall in completely!

IMG_8112No…they are not feeding the ducks.  It just looks that way.


My always happy, never-ending-smile baby.  Think he looks like Grandpa?  Several of the residents here have met the twins, and the first comment is, “Oh, he looks just like Wally!”  It’s gotta be the bald head…



Elaine and Nolan – climbing a rock.  So happy to be off the plane!

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