Friday, September 13, 2013

Some Scrap Projects

We use cloth napkins in our home.  It was something my mom did for a while when I was growing up.  When I was trying to save money as a newly married wife, I switched to cloth napkins.  What’s a few napkins in a load of towels that needs washed anyway?  The ones we used the most were purchased at a yard sale before I got married.  Then my “nice” ones became “everyday” use napkins.  Then my mother-in-law made me some new ones for my birthday a couple of years ago.  They were much smaller, but 2-ply and just perfect.

Recently I was given a bag of fabric scraps by a friend at church.  She suggested napkins or cloth wipes.  I really did need some napkins.  Most of ours are terribly grease-stained, and a couple even have big holes in them.  But I wasn’t really up for a sewing project. 

Yet I accepted the fabric, and I got excited when I started pairing the prints together for some new napkins.  I was tempted to leave the project for later, but I didn’t want that bag of scraps sitting in my bedroom while I procrastinated, so I just broke out the serger and started.  It helped that my husband and kids went to bed by 9 p.m., and I stayed up and worked in the lonely silence.  It was wonderful!

New Napkins

New Napkins

Grams had given me her serger, but I had never done a rolled hem.  I watched some YouTube videos, read my owners manual, changed the tension settings, and started stitiching.  It was so easy, and they are so nice.  My napkins are all different sizes, and some are 1-ply and others are double thick.  I made some long to cover Nolan’s lap {what is with boys being messy eaters?!?}.  There was even a “scrap” big enough for a play skirt for Elaine.  I love sewing for Elaine – it’s so quick and easy to add a hem and elastic, and voila! a skirt!

New skirt

Thanks, Christine, for the fabric!

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