Thursday, September 26, 2013

#13 & 14

Liberty & Nehemiah may be numbers three and four in our little family, but to my grandparents, they are numbers 13 and 14.  Of great-grandchildren, that is.  How blessed I am to be in their family, and it was such a special treat to introduce the newest members of that family to Grandma & Grandpa. 

I’ve done a little reading on twins (now that I have my own).  If twins run on the mother’s side of the family, you are more likely to have twins, and they will be fraternal.  My Grandpa is a twin.  He had a twin sister.  He is Donald J. and his sister was Dorothy Jean.  Grandpa is 87 now, and his twin sister died when she was 66 (I think?!).  They are numbers 4 and 5 in the Paul family.  There were 11 kids in the family.  Numbers 10 and 11 are also twins – Wayne and Weldon.  I am NOT trying to keep up with my great-grandmother!

Grandma is the youngest of six kids.  Her older siblings (#2 & #3) are twins also.  So I guess it really runs in the family – on my mother’s side!

Grandma isn’t walking too good right now – she has a lot of pain in her leg and back.  But they got into the car and drove over to meet the twins on our first day here, Friday September 20th.  We spent a couple of hours in the Polo Club office just talking and holding the babies.  It was a lovely time!

IMG_3745Liberty, Grandma (still can’t get used to her white hair – she always colored it until recently!), and Elaine

IMG_3748Grandma and Nehemiah.  The guy twins in the family!


I love this picture!  And the one below.  Grandpa had such a good time just chatting with Nehemiah, and Nehemiah just laid there, smiled, took it all in, and smiled some more!

IMG_3762 - Copy

IMG_8151I am so very glad that we were able to make this trip – just for this moment!

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