Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Adventure

Sunset over the mountains & Solar Eclipse

This week we are about to do something that may not happen again for a very.long.time.  We are going to fly…with four kiddos…and be gone for nearly two weeks.  I don’t know what the Lord has in store for us regarding deputation, so being away from home for long stretches at a time may become a normal occurrence.  But this will definitely be our longest trip yet.

A unique opportunity has been presented to our family.  We are all flying to Denver where my parents live.  From there, Ben and my dad will fly to Portland, Oregon to do a roof on a church.  Ben hasn’t really done much roofing before, and it is a big job that will be pressed into a short time frame.  They need to finish before the rainy season.

While the men are roofing, the kids and I will stay with my mom, and hold down the fort at the Polo Club {my parents are the resident managers of the property – a gated community}. 

I am nervous.  It was hard flying with one baby, then difficult with two toddlers.  Now Ben and I will each have an infant on our laps and a toddler to keep happy for three and a half hours.  I am afraid I will forget something important.

I am excited.  I don’t get to see my grandparents very often anymore, but they have been a very important part of my childhood.  I used to wonder if I would get to introduce my first child to them.  Now I am bringing four great grandkiddos back to Denver for a visit!  I am excited also to introduce my twins to my grandpa – he is the twin that makes this run in the family!  And I can’t wait to see those Rocky Mountains again!

But mostly right now I am tired, and I don’t know how I will possibly be ready for this trip on Thursday morning.  I’m thankful for Ben and all of the help he offers, and that he has tomorrow off!

Stay tuned with me and I will post pictures as I can from Denver.  Follow me on Instagram @acitylifeforme.  Pray for us if you think about it.  This is just the first trip of a very busy fall as we prepare for deputation and the next step in our NYC ministry!

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