Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for good friends!  Last weekend we had the blessing of spending some time with college friends.  Our friends Donny & Erika live in Connecticut, and Samantha and her husband Doug live in New Hampshire.  We all met at Erika’s house for a fun day!  There was lots of yummy food, quite a few babies, toddlers running all over, a couple games of Settlers of Catan, and a plate of delicious Samoa Brownies!  It was a great, relaxing day.  The kids even did well in the car!

Visit at the Meader's House
Elaine is really into the Lone Ranger.  Erika made her day when she brought this dinosaur down from the attic.  It looks much more like a horse than the rocking chair does!

Visit at the Meader's House
Kevin didn’t want to be left out of the fun!

Visit at the Meader's House
Kevin, Erika, Donny, and Cassie

Visit at the Meader's House
The “big” kiddos – Nolan (2), Cassie (21 mo.), Kevin (3), and Elaine (3.5)

Visit at the Meader's House  Visit at the Meader's House
Samantha, Erika, and I were friends in college. This was the first time I met Sam’s husband Doug.  Their daughter Sophie is 6 months!

Visit at the Meader's House
The babies – Sophie (6 mo.) and the twins (3.5 mo.)

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