Monday, August 19, 2013

ABC Memory Verses

When Elaine was about 18 months old, I printed off some uber basic memory verses to teach her.  They were short, partial verses like, “Be ye kind” or “God is love.”  I put an icon or picture on each verse to help her learn by association and understand the verses better.  I think we had 8 or 10 verses to learn.  She did very well, and now I am using those verses with Nolan.

But this summer Elaine was encouraged several times to learn longer verses.  She got to participate in our Summer Adventure Club at church, and she learned a verse each night (trying to win the grand prize for her age group).  I was impressed with how easily she learned the verses.  Then she learned all of Romans 6:23 for a friend’s VBS program.  She then quoted it to Grandma, Pastor, and her Sunday School teacher too.  And now each Sunday she wants to go to Sunday School and know her verse.

For a while I have wanted to do ABC memory verses.  But all of the ones I found to print for free were in a different Bible version.  And I didn’t want to pay for something that I could easily make myself.  Trouble was…I didn’t make time to work on it, until recently.  Once I got started I found it was very easy! 

I have three different ABC verse lists that I have copied over the last couple of years.  I went through them and picked the best one for each letter.  I wanted to be able to reinforce her alphabet, teach her what each letter looks like (uppercase and lowercase), and then learn the phonics sound too.  The bonus in all of it is that she will also be hiding God’s Word in her heart.

Here’s what I came up with.  I made each letter/verse an 8”x5” jpg image, then printed them two to a page.  With this size they are large enough for Elaine to easily work with, but I can still print and laminate two per page, saving money.  I punched holes and used binder rings to make a book.




If you would like to “borrow” my file for your personal use, I would be happy to share!  You can download the PDF from my DropBox by clicking here.  You don’t need a DropBox account to access it.  If you can’t get that to work, I have also shared it on Google Drive here.


  1. Those look so nice! I'll have to put that in my file :)

  2. Thank you SO very much for doing this and making it free to all of us moms! Things like this are always on my list, but few of them actually get done! I'm so grateful for this! I plan to share your blog on my blog so others can benefit from this as well as other things you post! Thank you so much again and thank you for KJV verse :) They are so hard to find! :)

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to create KJV verse cards. I have searched for these and there is always a different version being used. I appreciate this!

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to create KJV verse cards. I have searched for these and there is always a different version being used. I appreciate this!

  5. Hi, I noticed that these are the exact same ones that are available at I thought perhaps you aren't aware that you can't use images and downloads from another blogger without permission. Just wanted to let you know! :-)

  6. And I just took a closer look and see that you are the author of the post on the other site. I'm so sorry for jumping to conclusions (seems to be a habit of mine). :/


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