Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dancing Lone Ranger

My kiddos have been watching the old, original episodes of “The Lone Ranger” show.  I started putting it on in the hopes that Nolan would want to be a cowboy instead of a princess.  But…it was Elaine that picked up on the show!  She is always the Lone Ranger and Nolan is Tonto (usually dressed as a princess).  I have the theme song on one of my cowboy soundtracks, so I put the music on for them the other day when we were cleaning.  Now they love to dance to the Lone Ranger!  (It’s the William Tell Overture).

This video is a little long, but it’s mostly for the grandparents to enjoy!


  1. And the Grandparents thank you!! Hate to say it but Elaine looks like she has your coordination skills!

  2. And the Grandparents loved it! But I hate to say it looks like Elaine has your coordination skill!!


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