Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Twinsies ~ Three Months

Today the twins are three months old!  (Also 13 weeks…)  They are getting so big and growing so fast!  Nehemiah weighed in at 13.1 pounds this morning, and Liberty was 11 pounds.  {I weighed them at home, so we’re probably off a little bit.} 

Liberty & Nehemiah at 3 months

It’s neat to see the different personalities developing.  Liberty and Nehemiah both seem to settle down a little bit when the other twin is close by.  Nehemiah pretty much smiles and laughs through his days.  He is always wiggling his toes and sticking through holes in the blanket, or poking them out from underneath the blanket.  He moves a lot when he sleeps – he is always the one out of his covers when I get them up!

Liberty & Nehemiah at 3 months

Liberty is more of a talker, giving us little coos and gurgles but less smiles.  If there is a problem, Liberty is usually the first to holler about it.  She always seems to have her right leg in motion, and particularly enjoys bath time.  She starts smiling and kicking as soon as she touches the water!

Liberty & Nehemiah at 3 months

As far as “milestones” go, Liberty rolled over from tummy to back yesterday.  A couple of days ago I got my first real belly laugh from Nehemiah.  He seems to be ticklish – gets that from me!

People are starting to say that Liberty looks like Nolan.  Then they usually ask me who Nehemiah favors, so I guess that means he doesn’t look like any of us! I just think he looks like a little old man most of the time. {No offense to any “little old men” in particular!}  Liberty’s hair is still red.  She hasn’t really lost any hair yet, so maybe it will stay!  Both twinsies are retaining their blue eyes, at least for now.

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