Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Adventure Club

Please pray for our Summer Adventure Club this week.  It begins tonight at 6:30 p.m. and runs each night this week.

Last year we had several children and even a couple of parents saved as a result of the week. This year we desire more fruit to abound!

Here are some specifics requests:

  • Our teens are involved this year. They have worked hard. Pray for their skit to go well.  They all have lines to remember, but yesterday went very well!
  • Pray for the teens and adults as they counsel, that the Lord would give them the words and the wisdom to know if the child is ready to accept the Lord.
  • Pray for many to come. Last year we had a church van to shuttle kids in. Then Hurricane Sandy claimed our van, so we are improvising this year.  We have handed out a lot of flyers and invitations!
  • Pray for the teachers as they present their lessons and the Gospel.

Here are a couple of pictures from our skit practices.  I never knew how exhausting a production like this is.  Just pulling together the props has me worn out!


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  1. Wish I had seen this sooner, but will be praying the rest of your week goes well. Our church is have a huge event tomorrow night...last time we did it we had over 400 people. Then on to our Mountaintop Weekend. Praying for Revival in our small town! God Bless you and your family as you minister in your mission field!!


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