Monday, July 29, 2013

My Little Pretties

Elaine had this little green polka-dot dress from Grandma Godby.  She didn’t wear it much because she didn’t grow very fast, and it was short sleeved.  Liberty is getting to use it now.  Here are both of my little girls, in the same outfit!

Elaine 12 weeks

Elaine 12 weeks   Liberty in Green Dress
I’ve been thinking that Liberty looks like Elaine as a baby, but in these pictures I can see the differences!  Liberty is so small that the little green matching headband is still waaaaay too big!

Liberty in Green Dress

Liberty in Green Dress

Liberty in Green Dress
Her hair really looks red in these pictures, but some days it still looks brown to me.  We’ll have to wait and see if the red stays…I’m really hoping it does!

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  1. I think the girls look very different the one from the other, and that's a very good thing, especially with their being so close in age. I think it's an advantage to both. And yes, I think Liberty has red hair--unless it changes a LOT. Too cute, all of the kiddos!


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