Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Ben!

Last week we decided to take a mini-vacation to Pittsfield, MA where Ben's folks live.  I had already planned to come and attend the Garden Tour with Mom Hamilton, but Ben came along too and we extended the trip by two days.  It has been fun and relaxing!  We enjoyed a day at the lake {but not the sunburns that followed}, the Garden Tour, napping, a washing machine {!}, playing outside in the wading pool, eating on the deck, lunch with friends, and celebrating Ben's 28th birthday with his family.  I'll write more on the other events later, but I wanted to share some pictures from Ben's birthday!

When we woke up there was a birthday banner hanging over the doorway.  It was a tradition when Ben was growing up.  This was his first birthday home in a while, so Mom pulled it out again!  

The kids and I gave him an Orioles Chris Davis t-shirt.  We didn't make him wait until cake and ice cream time to give it...we let him enjoy wearing it all day!
We spent the afternoon with the Kunzmann family in Savoy, MA.  Ross was Ben's first employer {many years ago!}.  Our kids thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Kunzmann kids, and being allowed to wander free outside.  

After naptime we headed to Wahconah Park for a Pittsfield Suns baseball game.  It is a summer collegiate league.  Ben's sister, Meredith, works at the games.  

This is what Liberty thinks about baseball!

Ben with the twins

The whole fam

Nehemiah totally enjoyed the game - he was awake and happy for a looooong time!

Nolan & Elaine enjoyed playing on the inflatable bounce houses at one end of the park.  There were a lot of runs scored in the game, so things were pretty exciting.  This was the first baseball game for the twins.  And just like Nolan's first baseball game as a baby, it rained and we ended up leaving early.  But not before they announced Ben's birthday to all of the fans at the park!  

We had the Hamilton tradition - chocolate cake with chocolate icing!


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