Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday…not the wordless kind

Instead of a Wordless Wednesday today, I just want to share a few random pictures, and some of Elaine’s conversations recently.  She cracks me up!

Elaine's 3rd Birthday Princess Party
Elaine anxiously watching the window for her friends to arrive so the party could begin.  The doorbell finally rang and she ran around jumping up and down shouting “My friends! My friends!  Oh that’s my friends!”

Nolan in the giraffe hat
Nolan’s giraffe hat at the princess party.  And yes…I gave up on taking the paci away for now.  I’ll try again after our flight for Christmas.

We had Oreo cookies with lunch.  I had two, and the kids each had one.  Elaine wanted to know why she didn’t get two.  So I explained, “These cookies are for the two babies in Mommy’s tummy.”  She gave it a little thought.  Later that afternoon she piped up with this statement out of the blue, “I have some Elaine’s in my tummy, so I need to eat lots of cookies, okay?”  Yeah…nice try.

Playtime at our house is never clean or organized.  And it usually involves Nolan doing something girly.  He really needs a brother!

I told Elaine that we had to go vote last night.  Before I could explain what this meant, she wanted to know, “Are we taking the boat to go vote?”  I have no idea where that came from!

Watching Cinderella
Watching Cinderella.  We watched it twice that day.

We had a rough day yesterday.  I told Elaine, “I’m sick of your attitude!”  A minute later she shuts the door on Nolan.  As he stands on the other side crying, she offers this explanation: “I’m sorry Nolan.  I’m sick of you.  I’m sick of you, Nolan.”

We were praying with Elaine about the Election.  To explain it in simple terms, I told her that we wanted the bad man to lose so a good man could be in charge of our country.  Elaine also knows that “bad mens” broke our car window and stole our iPod.  So yesterday, on more than one occasion, as we’re walking down the sidewalk, and we come upon a man on the sidewalk too, Elaine blurts out: “Mommy, is that a bad man or a good man?”  And let me assure you, she used Grandpa Godby’s loudest voice!

And just in case you talk to Elaine anytime soon, let me share a secret with you.  She likes to ask “why” right now.  And the answer to 98% of her questions is… “The big storm.”  She wants to know what the trees are broken…everytime we go for walk.  She wants to see people waiting for gas.  She wants to know why they are waiting for gas.  She wants to know why church is “broken.”  She wants to know why Selah needs a new house.  She wants to know why we are collecting clothes to share with needy people.  And the answer to everything is… “The big storm.”  Now you know!


  1. Too, Too funny! I can't wait to see you guys at Christmas, sounds like Elaine is going to be quite the conversationalist!

  2. Loved it! It's great you wrote those things down! Too bad we can't blame everything on the big storm here--although it IS raining! :o)

  3. Loved reading this! I am glad you wrote those things down. Too bad we can't blame everything over here on the bad storm . . . but, it IS raining!


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