Friday, November 30, 2012

Twins: 16 weeks

Well…almost.  It will be 16 weeks on Monday.  Here’s the latest pictures and updates from my sonogram and appointment today.  The twins like to cuddle, so we couldn’t tell the gender yet {it’s a little early yet anyway}.  I have to have my anatomy scan at the hospital for a more detailed scan since twins are considered a high risk pregnancy.  Hopefully we will have that the first week of January {since we will be in Denver for Christmas}, and then we can tell you what we’re having!

Twins 16 weeks JPG
{click to enlarge}

I labeled the sono picture so you could tell what was going on…since they were snuggling so close!  And below are closer pictures of the sonogram.  We got one nice picture of the twin whom the sonographer labeled “b.”

Twin B 15 weeks 4 days

twins labeled 15 weeks 4 days jpg

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