Monday, November 19, 2012

Elaine’s 3 Year Portraits

On a whim, this morning we threw some stuff in the stroller and walked the 10 blocks to Owl’s Head Park to take some pictures of Elaine.  It was cold, but the kids were happy and I knew it would be a while if I didn’t do it today.  And I managed to capture a few good shots…at least they capture Elaine how she is.  We tried to get Nolan – he is almost 17 months.  He wasn’t quite as happy around the camera, and he certainly didn’t want to pose with his sister.

Elaine 3 Year Portraits Head Shot B&W

Elaine 3 Year Portraits   Elaine 3 Year PortraitsElaine 3 Year Portraits
{drinking in the sun}

Elaine 3 Year Portraits
{I think this one is my favorite.  Can you tell she is cold?}

Elaine 3 Year Portraits B&W   Elaine 3 Year Portraits B&W
{a couple of black & whites…just because}

Nolan 17 months Elaine 3 Years Portraits
{finally out of the stroller, Nolan was interested in nature, not pictures}

Nolan 17 months Elaine 3 Years Portraits

Nolan 17 months Elaine 3 Years Portraits

Nolan 17 Months Portraits


  1. They are so cute! Could you email some of these too? I'm working on a "family portrait " wall

  2. Great pictures! They are both cuter than cute . . . like their parents! :o)


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