Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Update

I shared a pregnancy update last week.  I posted that I was 12 weeks.  It was either “Mommy Brain” or excitement…I miscounted.  I was really only 11 weeks.  12 weeks comes on Monday.  But I had a pre-natal visit today so I have a couple of new pictures to show you!

The babies are measuring fine, and the heart rates are perfect.  My due date is fluctuated slightly based on the babies’ sizes, but since it’s so early they are not actually going to change my due date.  Monday will mark the end of my first trimester, so hopefully that means some more energy coming my way!

Twins 12 weeks jpg

{click to enlarge}

Baby A: {hoping this one is a girl… “A” like Andrea?}

Twin A 12 weeks

Baby B: {maybe this one is a boy… “B” like Ben?”}

Twin B 12 weeks

So if you couldn’t tell…we’re all hoping for one of each around here!  We will find out the genders closer to Christmas when I am 20 weeks or so into my pregnancy.

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