Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Times to Cherish

One of the highlights of my trip was seeing Grandma & Grandpa (my grandparents).  They are my mom’s parents, and they always lived close by.  I grew up with them always around – at every birthday, piano recital, and Christmas Eve.  I was looking forward to seeing them again, and letting them spend time with Elaine.  This trip I got to see them twice.  We had them over for dinner on Tuesday night, and we went out to lunch with them on Sunday afternoon. 

Sharing a cookie with Great Grandpa Paul

Great Grandpa & Grandma Paul

When my brothers and I would leave for college, we usually had a last Sunday lunch at the buffet with Grandma & Grandpa.  Then we took pictures on the bench out front.  This year the bench was gone, but we added Elaine.

Uncle Scott (my mom’s brother) joined us for lunch.

Enjoying an ice cream cone…compliments of Grandpa Godby


The hostess gave Elaine a balloon, and she couldn’t have been happier!

PICT0313  PICT0320

Me, Elaine, and my “big little bother brother” Wesley.  Elaine really enjoyed Uncle Wes.  She would climb into his arms every time he reached for her, much to Grandpa’s dismay (she often told Grandpa “no”)!

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  1. The first picture of Elaine with the balloon is the absolute cutest ever!!!!!!!!


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