Friday, March 11, 2011

Life with Elaine and Finishing the Taxes

Here’s just a random post full of random details…

Elaine loves to look out the window.  When I came in to get her out of bed yesterday (at the bright & early time of 11:30 am…she slept in late!) all she could do was point to the string for me to raise the blind.  Then she talked and pointed and watched everything on the streets below.  She would have been happy to never leave her crib!

Elaine in crib

Sometime that morning she had apparently discovered her zipper and figured out how to work it.  This is how she looked when I came in to get her out of bed…

Elaine in crib

Ben and I have been busy doing our taxes this week.  We had two states and the Federal taxes to file this year, and figuring out how to do the taxes for our home business.  Additionally, I had sales tax to file, so there were really four sets of taxes.  I feel a sense of accomplishment now that everything is done and filed.  I also feel a little surge of pride that we were able to do everything ourselves…even the business taxes…and save the expense of an accountant.  We had advice from Mrs. Shahan (Becky’s mom…Becky will soon be my SIL), and my dad’s accountant on a couple of issues.

Last night we were finishing our New York State taxes.  We kind of ignored Elaine, much to her dismay.  This is what the house looked like when we were finished.  Additionally, Elaine had gotten all of the dish towels out and spread them across the kitchen floor.  She had toys all over our bedroom floor, and we caught her on the computer once.  What a night! 

Help!  Elaine destroyed my house!

After some grocery shopping (at 9:30 pm) it was snack time.  I snagged some Kix on sale, and Elaine thoroughly enjoyed her first taste!  What is their slogan?  Kid Tested, Mother Approved.  Elaine approves too!

Elaine eats Kix

Elaine eats Kix

We have been in need of a baby gate to use across the landing from the steps.  Elaine is very curious about the steps now, and though I try to keep the doors to the hallway closed, I am often unsuccessful.  I hadn’t really even prayed about it yet – I just put it on my mental checklist to find a cheap baby gate.  Last night Ben came home with a treasure from the neighbor’s trash…yup…a baby gate in perfect condition! 

On Monday I head to Denver to visit my family for a week.  This is the last time Elaine will fly for free…in June baby #2 will arrive, and in November Elaine will be 2 years old.  I am not really looking forward to the flight, and would appreciate your prayers for smooth connections, no lost luggage (my diapers will be in the suitcase!), and an empty seat in our row.  It’s a lot to ask, but I know God can do it!  We also connect through Chicago on our return flight, so good weather would be nice.  Pray for Ben too…he will be lonely and hungry!

I may or may not blog while on “vacation.”  If not, I’ll “see” you when I get back!

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  1. It's not a lot to ask!! I flew with Caleb when he was 2 and Charity was 5 months. I was by myself and I had a long list of small prayer requests too. God answered every one of them, and He even added a bonus! When we got on the plane, a college age girl sat down in the empty seat. The first thing she did was to pull out her Bible. I was so thrilled! I asked her to read aloud the verse she was planning to read as we ascended into the sky. She read from the Psalms "Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe." WOW! :) I'll never forget how much peace came to my flustered self. The girl helped me with the kids through the whole flight (3 hours). It was just perfect! :) So keep praying!


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