Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Elaine Goes to Sunday School

My mom teaches Kindergarten Sunday School at Highlands Baptist Church.  She also leads the department opening for the primaries.  I used to teach 1st Grade, and then 2nd Grade in the same department.  Though there were only two kids that I knew, I decided to stay for the opening on Sunday.  I kept Elaine with me.  Trouble is, she didn’t want to sit with me.  She wanted to sit with the kids.  Can you see her sitting between those two tall girls?


She did get a little fussy and we had to go out.  Then, when I was helping Mom teach a new song, Elaine took a seat in the back row.  During the song she got up and went over to a stack of extra chairs.  She worked diligently to pull a chair into the back row next to her.  As she returned to her original seat, I realized the purpose of the effort.  Bunny needed his own chair.  There was Elaine, with Bunny next to her.  It was cute.

Elaine wore this dress to church…it was for her birthday from Grandma Godby.  It says, “The apple of my eye” across the bottom.  My mom collects apples, and she was very pleased when she found this dress.  So we had to take a picture!


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  1. How cute! I wish we could have seen her with bunny next to her, but I suppose you were busy. :) I love that she has her "friend" she thinks so much about.


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