Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Flight…Arrived Safely

I just wanted to post a little update about our travel and flight yesterday.  I appreciate those of you who offered advice and prayed for us.  We made our connection and our bags arrived just fine – what a blessing! 

I woke Elaine up at 4:30 a.m. in order to make it to the airport on time.  She was amazingly cheerful at that time of the morning!  There were many kind people at the airport who helped me with my bags (I had the stroller too) and offered assistance.

Elaine’s attitude changed drastically when we went through security.  She did not want her shoes removed.  She did not want her coat removed.  She did not want to relinquish Bunny.  She did not want to get out of the stroller.  Once we were through security and she had all of her accessories back, she was happy again.

The first leg of our flight went well.  The flight was not full, and we had a whole row to ourselves.  The sun was just peeking up when we boarded the flight, and Elaine loved looking out the window at all of the airport activity.  PICT0162

She also sat down in the seat and immediately tried to buckle her seat belt.  I was very surprised about this, because our car doesn’t have the latch type of seat belts, and she has never worn a seat belt. 



Elaine did not want to sit down for take off.  This was complicated by the fact that we waited in line for the runway for about 30 minutes.  She threw a little tantrum (it’s hard to discipline in public, especially when you have to remain seated), and then promptly fell asleep…just before take off.  She slept until the wheels hit the runway in Baltimore.  Blessing!


The second leg of our flight was not nearly as pleasant.  The flight was completely booked.  We headed to the back of the plane, hoping against hope that there would be just one empty seat.  I was not the only mother with a baby (happy and unhappy) in my lap. 

A very large man took the window seat in our aisle.  He really should have bought two seats, because he filled up one and a half.  I was actually a little grateful at first, because Elaine fit into the gap in the middle seat just perfectly.  The flight attendants were closing the bins and the aisle was empty.  The seat next to me was the only one without a body in it.  But then she came.  The lady who had missed the boarding call.  She was not exactly small herself, and she wedged into the half seat between me and the window.  Needless to say, it was a very crowded row.  I must add however that both people were very kind and helpful, and not rude at all…they just took up a lot of room!

Elaine was exhausted, but she couldn’t sleep.  She has never been one to sleep in my arms or lap.  There was a lot of turbulence so we weren’t allowed out of our seat much.  We did get one walk down the entire length of the plane.  Finally, after several tantrums (because I would not let her stand up in the aisle), Elaine succumbed to sleep.  It may have been about 45 minutes, but I’m not sure.  I let her sleep as long as possible, but this pregnant lady had to use the restroom! 

Finally the captain announced that we had begun our descent ahead of schedule.  Then I saw the snowy peaks of the Rocky Mountains and I knew we would be on land soon.  It was definitely a breath taking sight – I love those mountains, and they never disappoint me – they are always beautiful!  We arrived in Denver and were excited to see Mom & Dad at the gate.  They were granted a special pass to come down and help me with Elaine.  It was nice to be on solid ground again!

Elaine is still adjusting to the time change and the Pack ‘N’ Play.  I think a combination of the fast food in the airport, the different schedule, and the time change have messed up her system.  Poor girl has had diarrhea and a bad rash since arrival.  Aside from that, she is loving the toys, the swing, and she is tolerating Gypsy.  Stay tuned for more fun details of our visit!

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