Friday, March 25, 2011


My husband has a sense of humor.  Let me illustrate.

I have my refrigerator pretty well organized.  Certain items go in the door, certain items in the drawer, and certain items never go on the top shelf (like leftovers).  Ben doesn’t think about this system when he is putting things away in the fridge.  In his thinking, everything goes on the top shelf.  You can dig for it the next time you need it.

So I came home from my trip to Colorado and opened the refrigerator to this:


Yes – everything in the refrigerator, except the milk and water (which wouldn’t fit) was on the top shelf.  Ben thought it would be funny, and he said he enjoyed throwing things in there wherever they would fit while I was out of town.


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  1. Mom said: "Sounds like he's rebelling against the system."
    Dad (obviously on Ben's side) said: "She shouldn't have left town."
    I just thought it was funny!
    :) Thanks for sharing :)


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