Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We’ve Been “Home”!

We have been in and out of home for a couple of weeks now.  The meetings we have had scheduled are close enough for us to drive to on Wednesday and Saturday nights, so we have been able to stay at our transition home.  It’s meant a lot of late nights driving and I almost feel more tired than when we are on the road all the time.  But we are back on track in school and I get to sleep in my own bed!  Here’s a little of the past few weeks…

:: Bird Interactions

We put up a bird feeder and Nolan and Daddy built a birdhouse (which I haven’t taken a picture of yet).  We have been trying to entice the birds to our feeder by seeds in the ground…and we finally had two birds at our feeder!  We have seen blue jays, cardinals, and a yellow finch (and lots of ugly birds too).

First Birdfeeder

First Birdfeeder

First Birdfeeder

:: Hiking

We are living right near the Palisades, in the mountains of the Hudson River Valley.  Grandma & Grandpa came for a quick two day visit and we took advantage of our location and the beautiful weather to go hiking in Bear Mountain State Park.  Fezzik was along on this trip and the kids loved it!

Bear Mountain Hike
Slow Poke (Liberty) and Daddy

Bear Mountain Hike
Nehemiah and Grampa Fezzie

Bear Mountain Hike
Me – Henry, Elaine, Grampa, Nolan, Liberty, Nehemiah, Daddy

Pine Cone Mound
Cleaning up the pine cones from the trees around our “home”

:: Resurrection Sunday at our Home Church

Resurrection Sunday
New hats all around

:: Purim Party at our Home Church

Purim Party
Wearing masks so evil Haman can’t find them (Ethan, Liberty, Nehemiah – these three have been together since they were born a couple of months apart!)

Purim Party
Adelei, Elaine, & Selah – these girls are growing up too fast!  Beautiful Queen Esthers.

:: Henry is more and more mobile

Henry had barely completed his first “real” crawl when he began pulling himself to a standing position, getting into absolutely everything, and complicating life on a lower level!

Big Boy in the Bath   Henry in the Fridge

Henry is Standing!
His chubby legs will start to thin out soon, and he may even walk earlier than Nolan did (9 months)!

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