Thursday, April 28, 2016

Henry at 8 months

Henry 8 Month Portraits    Henry 8 Month Portraits
Baby in a Basket!  Best bushel ever! 

Henry 8 Month Portraits

This happy guy is 8 months old!  We have been home for much of the month, and things seem to be flying by…I can hardly remember what was “new” for him!  (That’s what Evernote is for, though!)

Henry got to meet Ben’s Aunt Paula this month, and visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.  He enjoyed his first ride in the swings at a playground near Cincinnati on a beautiful, spring day (April 5).  We started handing him food at the table even though it’s guaranteed to be spit back out.  He still prefers just milk!  He enjoys gnawing on a celery stick or carrot stick, though.  I think it sooths his teething gums!

We had a meeting in Queens on Sunday and took the evening after the services to enjoy our city.  We rode the Staten Island Ferry from SI to Manhattan.  We walked past Wall Street and enjoyed a pizza (though it wasn’t the best NYC pizza we’ve had!).  This was Henry’s first boat ride, first NYC adventure, and first time past the Statue of Liberty. 

Though he had performed a couple of crawls last month, we are in full-crawl and pulling-up mode here!  We have Henry-proofed again, but I am constantly finding him drawn to the bathroom (door left open by siblings), open refrigerator (4 older siblings to blame), open door at the top of the steps (4 older siblings to blame),  and peering into the dryer.  He has even gotten stuck over the bottom rung of the chairs a few times, too! 

Henry particularly likes his Sophie the giraffe teether.  He also enjoys playing Little People Castle or Doll House (mostly with Liberty).  Elaine and Nolan are great at doing Patty-Cake with Henry to settle him down, and he is almost guaranteed to give a laugh!  Nehemiah is always loving on Henry in his own not-so-gentle fashion, and sometimes I am amazed that this child is still alive!

Henry 8 Month Portraits   Henry 8 Month Portraits
This is what happens when you ask Daddy to help with the picture backdrop – toes sticking out (on purpose), and distracted baby!

Henry 8 Month Portraits

Henry 8 Month Portraits

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