Monday, April 18, 2016

MD, OH, and NY

Our most recent deputation trip took us to Maryland, Ohio, and New York.  After Maryland we stopped by to see Ben’s Aunt Paula near Washington, D.C.  There was beautiful weather so we ate lunch outside!

Visit with Aunt Paula
We tried out a selfie-stick, but the kids weren’t really paying attention!

While we were in Wilton, NY the kids got creative and turned our deputation table into a tent.  I was standing there talking, and this little hand crept out with a yellow taxi in it’s grip.  Liberty and Henry thought it looked fun, and the games commenced!

Play Display Table   Play Display Table

Play Display Table

We stopped by Ben’s parent’s home en route to Mountainville, NY.  This allowed us a brief visit and we also picked up our bikes from their storage shed.  Now that we have a bike rack and a place to ride them, we wanted faster access!  The kids did painting with Grandma, too.

Elaine's Paintings
Elaine painted our van with the new bike rack installed!

Nolan's Painting
Nolan painted Elaine (see her round head and triangle dress in the middle?) and then filled in the rainbow around her.

Painting at Grandma Hamiltons

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