Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kings Mills Baptist Church

One of our supporting churches in Ohio is Kings Mills Baptist Church near Cincinnati.  Last year Ben and I stopped by to present our ministry after the BWM Orientation Seminar in April.  This year we got a call a few weeks ago asking us to be a part of their mission’s conference, since someone else wasn’t able to come.  We agreed, as long as we could miss the Sunday services (we already had a meeting scheduled).

We enjoyed each evening service.  The music was wonderful and we enjoyed the other missionaries in the conference.  I felt refreshed, and it was so nice to have familiar people come up to speak to us at the table after the services.  We talked for quite a while after each evening service!

This conference was also full of surprises for us!  Each evening Ben and I had to introduce ourselves during the service and present either a need or a want.  We feel so blessed and in need of very little…we really struggled to come up with things to share.  And it seemed like the few things on our list were higher-priced items.  Yet the Lord used this and met everything we presented, and beyond! 

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of God’s people, and also so very blessed to receive gifts that were specific to our needs/wants!  A couple things the Lord provided through this – hymnals and Bible studies for the beginning of the church, a new car seat for Henry (since there are none that are not in use to pass down!), homeschool curriculum on DVD for Elaine for next year, and a swinging bike rack for our van.  The last item was definitely a want – but since all of our kids have (or are getting soon) bikes, we wanted them to be able to be used this summer. 

Another surprise was that I (Andrea) was one of the speakers!  We had Ladies' night on Friday, and all of the female missionaries got to speak about their part in the ministry.  That was a new one for me!

New Bike Rack

Another blessing for us was a trip to the Creation Museum!  We were privileged to go last summer for Ben’s birthday, but we definitely enjoyed this second trip!  The kids got to ride the camel, to their delight, and we also got to take in the Planetarium show.  This totally blew me away – if you want to get a picture of just how little we know about God, you need to see this Planetarium show.  It was so refreshing to get a Christian perspective on it!

Camel Ride at the Creation Museum
Nolan and Nehemiah on CJ the Camel

Camel Ride at the Creation Museum

Camel Ride at the Creation Museum

Camel Ride at the Creation Museum

Camel Ride at the Creation Museum
I didn’t get as good of pictures of the girls.  I was corralling the boys…and I thought they might take more than one trip around the ring!  The kids loved it, though!

Camel Ride at the Creation Museum
Libs and Lainey

Camel Ride at the Creation Museum

Camel Ride at the Creation Museum

Creation Museum
The Seven C’s in God’s Eternal Plan.

Creation Museum
So thrilled that Mom wanted their picture…

Henry the Thief
Random pics from the week – Happy Happy Henry!

Henry's First Swing at the Playground!
First time in the swings at the playground!

Leaving Kings Mills, OH
We packed our spring clothes since we left NY in 60-70 degree weather.  We did NOT expect to wake up on Saturday morning (very early for an 11 hour drive to Upstate NY) and have snow and ice covering everything!

It was a blessing to be at Kings Mills Baptist Church.  It’s a special church and we feel privileged to be part of their missionary family!

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