Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Helpful Links

Since I shut down my Facebook a couple of weeks ago, I have had a little more time to read and catch up on some favorite blogs, etc., and also to listen to some more podcasts.  By far, this is more helpful to me than Facebook!  Here are some helpful links I came across this week.
I have been going through a dry spell in my walk with God.  Every week we are serving and ministering at churches.  When I sit in church, Ben is usually preaching and he uses the same handful of messages to communicate to the people during our deputation process.  My personal quiet time is sporadic in time of day and duration during our travelling.
Because of these things I’ve noted that I need to simplify while still trying to nourish my soul.  I’ve incorporated daily adorations from Every Bitter Thing is Sweet into my daily routine.  I can read the passage and journal in a few minutes, and then meditate on that one truth throughout my day.  It. has. been. wonderful.  (You can download a printable adoration sheet for the month, or simply follow on Instagram to get adorations in your newsfeed).
You may also enjoy Sara’s book by the same title, and her two-part (part 1; part 2)interview on Focus on the Family from last week.  I enjoyed both!
Prayer Mate
I’ve been using this app to focus my prayer time.  I like that I can schedule how often things appear on my list, categorize my prayer items (essential for an organizer like me), and also add pictures.
  • I recently got some E-Cloths in an online shipment.  I am really liking them for chemical-free cleaning!
  • Jim Hodges Audio Books is having a sale this month.  Ben has a ton of the Henty novels and loves them for staying awake on long drives!
  • Build A Menu menu planning service is inexpensive (especially if you get it on the half off sale that has run each of the last two years in May).  It saves me time and money by allowing me to select recipes, then print a ready-made shopping list for a variety of stores, including Aldi.  I’ve been doing an every-other week shopping trip since my Aldi is farther away now.  We have also really enjoyed a new variety of menus than the same boring handful that I normally use.

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