Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nolan's Third

It’s hard to believe that this little guy – my first Brooklyn Baby, my first boy – is 3 already.  Hardly seems like we’ve been in Brooklyn that long!  Obadiah Hamilton Nolan (as he calls himself) has been very excited for this day for a while.  Here’s how we spent his birthday…

We started a birthday tradition – something that Ben always did on his birthday.  The birthday boy got to pick out his cereal (the “junkiest” cereal according to Ben).  He picked Fruit Loops!

Nolan has been promised the top bunk when he turns 3, so after breakfast we made the bedding switch.  He was delighted!  Mommy is a lot nervous!

We made a spontaneous decision to go play at the water park.  It started out as, “Mommy has to go to the grocery store.  Let’s walk and stop at the park on the way.”  It turned into driving to Owl’s Head Park to play in the water, and our friends the Walter’s joined us.  Then we had lunch at McDonalds.

On the way home from McDonalds en route to get some paint and join Ben at church to work on the VBS set, the van broke down.  We had to get towed, and the front rotors were both cracked.  We still fit in some painting before a birthday supper.

We opened presents first so that Nolan could play with one of the outside before it got dark.  Daddy is starting training for his baseball team – Nolan got a Tee!  

Liberty loved the party horns.  What's in that packaged from Grandma Gypsy? 


Elaine chose one of her stuffed animals and wrapped it up for Nolan.  He loved it!  Also the floor puzzle from Grandma. 

We saved the biggest for last...

It's a Baseball Tee!

Learning to play tee ball is so hard...

...with two babies who just want to snatch that ball!

Elaine wanted a turn...

Ahh!  She FINALLY got a hold of that ball!

Nolan wanted macawoni and fish sticks for supper, and soda.  I made my first ice cream cake and he was delighted!

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